Stop the Hurt's goals:

•   Promote respectful and healthy relationships

•   Reduce incidents of domestic violence and abuse

•   Assist those who use violence or abuse against their partners to change and increase their levels of responsibility and accountability

What is involved in the programme?

There is an assessment process involving a 1.5-2 hour information gathering session, after which a decision will be made as to your suitability for the programme. There is a weekly charge of £70 per person for those accepted.


Those accepted into Stop the Hurt must be willing to attend every weekly session and talk openly about their behaviour, understand the impact on their partner, family and take responsibility for their behaviour. Participants are expected to engage fully in all activities.

"I am really pleased to know lots more about things that were missing from other courses I have attended. I am also saddened that this course has come to an end, I have got so much from it"

"So, so glad I took part. It's been an eye-opener and I have no regrets about doing the course"

"Our facilitators never looked down their noses at us and for the first time the subject of DV was approachable and we feel comfortable enough to fully talk about it. Being this outwardly open helps us to inwardly receive the knowledge we need to improve our behaviour"

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