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Relationships with family, partners, friends and colleagues play a big part in how happy we are. Relationships are pivotal to our health and well-being. Whether you're facing personal difficulties, looking to strengthen your relationships, or want help thinking things through we're here to support you.

You're in good hands

All our counsellors are highly trained and experienced and will work with you in an understanding, non-judgemental manner which puts you at ease and gives you the relationship support you need. We can relate counselling to almost any situation your relationship with your partner and family faces, and help steer you in the right direction.

Will you understand what I’m going through?

Empathy is the most important thing our counsellors will offer you. We understand and care about relationships and we can help you build and maintain healthy, respectful relationships.


"My sessions are helping more than you will ever know. I'm managing to rebuild my life!"

- Female ex-client

Don't be embarrassed, we're confidential

There is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about when seeking help for a problem. Working to strengthen your relationship is a positive thing – don’t delay – book today. Our service is totally confidential and we won’t discuss your issues with anyone else unless we identify a safeguarding concern (and then this will be discussed with you).


Why you should choose PRS

All PRS counsellors are highly trained to exacting standards. Most of our team qualified with Relate, the UK's largest relationship organisation, and all undergo continuous professional development to keep their skills up to date. Counsellors at PRS are also registered with BACP, the governing body for counsellors and psychotherapists. This means that our service to you is quality assured. Our counselling room offers a peaceful and warm enviroment while providing the privacy and confidentiality of an unbranded building and carpark.

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