Structured family counselling

The relationships you have with your family have a big impact on how happy you are.

 Our experienced relationship counsellors can help families to resolve their problems – whatever they may be. The sessions are held in a calm and safe environment where everyone has the opportunity to share how they are feeling and why.


You're in safe hands

If you're having problems in your family life, there are lots of ways PRS can help you. You might be a parent who needs help with how a break up might affect your family, or need help relating to your children or step-children. You might be a young person worried about your parents splitting up, or need a bit of help dealing with your parents. You might need help in your relationships with your brothers and sisters.

Every family is different and there are many reasons for wanting to improve your family relationships.


We understand how difficult it can be

All families face challenges. Family counselling helps you to understand and cope better with the stresses and strains of family life – giving everyone a voice.


"Family counselling allowed everyone to be calm without getting into a big argument...I'm glad I went..."

- Young person, ex-client

Affordable and dependable

Prices for our family counselling are £50 per session for up to four people. Book today to gain support with any family issues.

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Special Offer - Until 31st March 2019, your first online video counselling session is half price, at only £25! To secure this offer, please call 07570 874929. Click for Terms and Conditions (Section 20)

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