At Peterborough Relationship Support we understand that seeking relationship counselling is a big step and you may have questions or concerns before booking. That's why we've collated some of the most common questions our clients ask. If your query isn't on the list, get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

At PRS we do not stipulate a minimum or maximum number of sessions - everyone is different. We recommend our clients come to us weekly for continuity, and most clients see us for between 6 and 8 sessions.  

Are We Normal?

Of course. No two relationships are the same but in our experience there are common themes and patterns, such as issues communicating, that many couples face. Trust us when we say you're not alone, and we can help.

Will The Counsellor Understand?

Our counsellors have decades of experience between them and are well trained and qualified in their field - we insist on it. In fact, most of our team qualified through Relate. Whichever member of our team you choose to see, we're confident they'll have the skills and experience to help.

I Don't Know What I Need Help With...

Many of our clients aren't sure what they want to get out of their relationship counselling. You might not be sure whether you want to save your relationship, or end it amicably, or perhaps you aren't even sure why you're having problems. Your counsellor will help you identify the issues in your marriage or relationship, and give you the tools and strength to tackle them.

Is Coming To Counselling A Sign That We've Failed?

Not at all. A common misconception of counselling is that you have to wait until crisis point to seek support. In fact, counselling is a very positive process that can help you at any stage in your relationships. Consider the impact of life events such as getting married, becoming parents, redundancy, retirement, children leaving home, bereavement, chronic illness or disability. Life brings about testing times for your relationship, so whenever something changes, or even if nothing seems to change, it's always worth coming for a chat to keep things running smoothly.

What Happens In The Counselling Room?

Many of our clients have intimidating preconceptions of counselling. But don't worry, we don't make you lie on couches and there are no white coats! The counselling room is similar to a lounge, with comfy chairs and a relaxed atmosphere. Our counsellors are friendly and warm, and focused on you. You can come either with your partner, or separately if you prefer. When you come for your first appointment, your counsellor will go through the history of your relationship, what you believe the issues are that need resolving, and how you feel we can help. If you agree that we can be of assistance then we will schedule ongoing sessions with you for as long as you need. There is no minimum commitment and no pressure from us, you can come as many times as you wish until you are satisfied any issues are resolved. Please make sure that you arrive in plenty of time for your appointment to make sure you get your whole session. We also ask you not to bring children or anyone other than your partner to your session, to avoid any distraction or any risk of losing confidentiality.

How Much Does It Cost?

At Peterborough Relationship Support we charge £50 per session. This a flat rate for any of our counselling services including relationship counselling, family counselling, young people's counselling or sex therapy, so it is great value no matter what support you require. We are sometimes asked why we charge for counselling even though we're a charity. As a charity all our funding comes from client income - we don't receive any government funding. Our counsellors are paid professionals, and any proceeds from counselling are reinvested into the charity to help us reach everyone who needs us, and develop new services.

How Does Online Counselling Work?

PRS now offers secure online counselling. Simply book your appointment time online via our website, and we will email you a personal link. Click the link at your appointment time, which will take you to a secure service. Your counsellor will greet you and you can have your session wherever you are. All you need is a webcam and microphone.

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