Misconceptions about domestic abuse

The most common myth about domestic abuse is that it only involves physical violence. In fact, there are several kinds of domestic abuse including emotional, psychological, physical, sexual and financial as well as coercive control. If you find yourself shouting insults at your partner to make them feel bad, or refusing to allow them access to money, you may be a domestic abuser.


The latest statistics show that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men are victims of domestic abuse during their lifetime. Domestic violence also occurs in gay and lesbian relationships, but the figures are not accurately known, as it is less frequently reported. Our Stop the Hurt programme is tailored to work with both men and women, as well as people in LGBT relationships.


I'm a domestic abuser, and I want to change.

Please be assured that we do not judge - we are focused on improving your relationship and preventing further incidents, not making you feel like a criminal. We accept that joining the Stop the Hurt programme is a big step, which is why we only accept people who want to change and ideally refer themselves. We will work with you in an initial assessment to make sure you are suitable for the programme and that it will meet your needs. If you experience anger but do not display abusive behaviours on a regular basis, we can also offer a 5 hour workshop called ACME (Anger and Change Management Education).

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