Children and Young People

Being a teenager is not always easy and we know you want to talk about certain things without your parents present. Everything you tell us is kept confidential unless we identify a safeguarding concern (and then this will be discussed with you).

Years and years of experience

At Peterborough Relationship Support or counsellors have supported children and young people with all kinds of issues.

Often during a separation or divorce, the children involved can really benefit from speaking to someone in confidence, to let their feelings be known without worrying about the consequences. This can really help them during a stressful time such as a family breakup. Our counsellors are independent of family pressures and do not take sides.

Young people are not immune from relationship issues of their own, such as navigating their first relationships, understanding their sexuality or being pressured to have sex for the first time or share explicit photos.

Not only this, but pressures in school such as bullying, exam stress or peer pressure can take their toll on young people at a critical time in their lives..

Affordable and dependable

Our fee is £50 for a 50-minute session and we see children as young as 10. As with most of our counselling services, children and young people counselling takes place here in Peterborough, however they can also be seen at their school if this is supported by the school.

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